Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for x86 virtualization

Gartner recently published an article about the position of the various x86 virtualization players out there. It gives a market overview, describes the history of virtualization, the unique vision of VMware and emerging trends towards cloud computing. Not surprisingly VMware is currently leader of the pack, because of their enormous headstart. All current (commercial) players are mentioned with their strengths and weaknesses highlighted.

Read the entire article here.

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HP’s G7 line-up

Last spring HP introduced a few of their new G7 line-up of servers. More of their newest generation servers have been introduced over time. They have several interesting new technologies aboard. Off course they feature the latest CPU’s available from Intel and AMD, but also more DIMM slots, more NIC’s, FlexFabric, iLO3 and other cool stuff.


For instance the DL380 G7 features support for the new 5600-series from Intel with up to 6 cores per CPU and up to 192GB of DDR3 RAM in 18 slots. It’s AMD powered cousin, the DL385 G7, support up to two 6100 series 12-core CPU’s and 256GB in 24 slots. It even took the #1 spot in VMmark for 2-socket servers (source)

Pushing the current limits are HP’s big workhorses: the new DL580 G7 is limited to four Intel 7500 series 8-core Xeon CPU’s with up to 1TB of memory and the newly introduced DL980 G7 which support a whopping 2TB of memory in 128 slots, up to eight Intel 7500 8-core CPU’s and 16 i/O slots all in a reasonable 8u package.


In the new G7 blades there’s currently only the BL465c G7 and the BL685c G7 to really talk about, as they are the only ones actually available. The BL465c G7 features the new Opteron 6100 CPU’s, 16 DIMM slots and FlexFabric technology. FlexFabric expands on the previous generation of Flex10 by allowing to carve up two 10Gb ports in to 8 NIC’s per blade, but now it allows to flexibly designate those as NIC’s, FCoE HBA‘s or iSCSI ports (more info at HP). The BL685c G7 doubles that capacity by allowing for four Opteron 6100 series CPU’s, 32 DIMM slots and four 10Gb FlexFabric ports for even greater performance and redundancy.

Other models that have been introduced are the new BL620c G7 and the fysically grown BL680c G7, which is now a double-width blade. The BL620c G7 is a 2-socket server with support for the Intel 7500 series and 32 DIMM slots. The BL680c G7 will support a massive 1TB of memory. With the current max of 16GB DIMM’s I deduct that it will feature four CPU’s and 64 DIMM slots. HP’s site is still not mentioning these though.

These models are currently also available: DL165 G7, DL360 G7 and the DL585 G7.

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Creating a nifty USB key for HP servers

So if you work with HP servers frequently you’re probably familiar with the Smart Start CD, the firmware CD/DVD and HPSUM. If you’re not, shame on you for not keeping your servers up-to-date. All new servers from the 300 and 500 range are supplied with them but often the shipped disks are not the latest available. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all these in one handy location for ease of use and speedy set up of your server? Continue reading

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Introducing yet another blog

As so many, I’ve decided to start my own blog. I tried starting up various sites in the past, but usually lack of content was the reason for me to abandon the idea. This time round, I may have found something to actually keep writing about.

This blog will mainly be to document interesting things I encounter while surfing the web looking for solutions to client problems, but also related to my personal interests: HP server hardware and VMware.

The items you might find here may not be original (I’ll try to give credit where credit’s due) or brand-spanking-new, but perhaps you’ll find them interesting none the less.

I’ll focus on getting some content in first as I search for a better theme then the default.

PS. English is not my native language, but I’ve chosen to write in English for two reasons. First and foremost it requires me to practice my English. And secondly: what if my post would be of interest to the community. So if you spot major errors in my posts (I’ll do my best to prevent any from slipping through), please don’t hesitate to let me know.

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