About Me

I’m an IT professional located in the middle of the Netherlands (EU) with 10 years of experience in setting up and managing computer networks. I started my career as a sys-admin at a medium sized legal company. Currently I work as a technical consultant for a small IT company. We mostly cater to SMB businesses, providing complete office environments and often going beyond what is expected of us. We’re focused more to the S then to the M size of businesses, so as a result most solutions we implement have been quite traditional in approach. My personal goal is to seek ways to introduce technology reserved for bigger companies into these smaller companies, so they too can benefit from these developments. As such I come across a lot of interesting technologies, some with potential for our clients, others mainly just interesting but financially way out of their league.

As we are an HP reseller, I’ll focus mostly on their hardware. Personally I’ve grown fond of their products, both in their usability as well as in their looks (completely irrelevant, I know). They frequently introduce new features to their server lines and blades usually ahead of their competition (i.e. Dell, IBM). Some of you might disagree with this. That’s ok, I don’t really follow the evolution of their hardware, so I might be wrong. It’s just my personal impression 😉

On a more personal level I’m interested in all things automotive (i.e. cars and motorcycles), I’m currently trying to get my motorcycle license. In the past I acquired my PADI ‘Open Water Diver’ certificate and a NGF golf licence (GVB), although I hardly dive or play golf nowadays. When I get the chance I like to spend time with my other hobby: photography.

This blog will hopefully become a place where I’ll gather interesting stuff I come across on the net. Posts will mostly focus on HP, Microsoft and VMware, but I will not shy away from other things interesting.


Wouter Verhulst